Saving Lives Awards - Presented in 2013
Governor Matt Mead presented four Council awards to deserving entities during the Impaired Driving Policymakers Conference on December 4th at the Ramada Inn in Casper.  These entities were recognized for their effort to save lives by establishing Safe Ride/Tipsy Taxi programs in their communities.  Information about each program is detailed below:


                                                   i.      Started in December 2009 (originally as Tipsy Taxi)
                                                 ii.      “Tipsy Taxi was started to reduce the chances that you and/or your loved ones will meet an intoxicated driver on                                                            the streets of Natrona County.”
                                                iii.      Safe Ride is a 100% donation based program
                                               iv.      Program is managed by the Natrona County Alcohol Task Force
                                                 v.      Since the program started – through October of this year, it has provided a total of 8,178 rides.


                                                   i.      Program started July 6, 2012
                                                 ii.      Provides services with Sheridan city limits
                                                iii.      Began as a pilot program, because of success, is going to be a permanent resource for the citizens of Sheridan
                                              iv.      The City has many partners in this venture and funds for the program come from a variety of donations of money                                                            and services, raffles and fund-raising activities.
                                                 v.      The service has averaged 150 rides per month – with July and August increasing to 200 rides a month
                                               vi.      During the first five months of operation, DUI arrests were down 24% and Public Intoxication arrests were down                                                          33%
                                              vii.      The first quarter of this fiscal year, DUI arrests were down 23% and PI arrests were down 17% - EVEN THOUGH                                                    DUI PATROLS WERE INCREASED DURING THE SAME TIME.


                                                   i.      Program started in 2009 by the Laramie County Liquor Association
                                                 ii.      Working with a local taxi company, the Association agreed on a base fare rate of $7.00 per ride
                                                iii.      Cost of the ride is split between the liquor establishment where the ride originates and the Liquor Association
                                               iv.      Each Association member can purchase cab vouchers and give them to their customers
                                                 v.      The Liquor Association raises funds through dues and fundraising
                                               vi.      During Cheyenne Frontier Days, Captain Morgan provides the vouchers free to all establishments


                                                   i.      Started in Fall of 2000 (show slide of progression)
                                                 ii.      Operates Thursday through Saturday night from 9:00PM to 2:00AM during the Academic year
                                                iii.      Operates on Friday and Saturday nights from 9:00pm to 2:00am during the summer
                                               iv.      Rides offered to UW students, faculty, staff, community members and visitors nearly anywhere within Laramie                                                               city    limits
                                                 v.      No on-board fare for utilizing SafeRide
                                               vi.      Program cost is approximately $170,000 per year, funded by federal grants and local funding (student fees,                                                                    parking revenue and other grants (Show slide)
                                              vii.      Sponsored by the Wyoming Department of Transportation, the Coalition to Prevent Substance Abuse and the                                                              Associated Students of the University of Wyoming
                                            viii.      During the fall 2013 semester, SafeRide has averaged 966 rides per week
                                               ix.      Highest semester ridership was in the Spring of 2012 with 16,576 rides
                                                 x.      SafeRide has provided a total of 313,390 rides …and counting

Saving Lives Awards - Presented in 2016

Leadership Award: Presented to the Campbell County Board of Commissioners
As a result of the combined leadership, direction and support of the Board of Commissioners, Campbell County now has an established Driving While Impaired (DWI) Adult Treatment Court Track in Campbell County.  This initiative was in direct response to the Board’s concern for public safety arising from the high number of DWI offenses in Campbell County.

Leadership Award: Presented to the Casper City Council
The Casper City Council initiated the Casper Municipal Court – Alcohol Court Program in November of 2012 with the specific purpose of reducing the incidence of impaired driving in the City of Casper and surrounding areas.  The Court has been effective in adjudicating first and second time DUI offenders by imposing firm, consistent and effective sentences – with highly structured, effective intervention.  

​​Leadership Award: Presented to Sheriff Dave O’Malley and the Albany County Sheriff’s Department
Sheriff O’Malley generously committed his department’s resources to assist in a data-collection project initiated by the Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving - an effort to gauge the level of drugged driving in Wyoming.  The Albany County Sheriff’s Department has been collecting oral fluid samples from persons arrested for driving while impaired in Albany County since July 1, 2015. 

Leadership Award: Presented to Sheriff Danny Glick and the Laramie County Sheriff’s Department
Sheriff Glick generously committed his department’s resources to assist in a data-collection project initiated by the Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving - an effort to gauge the level of drugged driving in Wyoming.  The Laramie County Sheriff’s Department has been collecting oral fluid samples from persons arrested for driving while impaired in Laramie County since July 1, 2015.​

Governor's Council on Impaired Driving Awards

Saving Lives Awards - Presented in 2018

Leadership Award: Presented to Senator Dave Kinskey for being a strong proponent of the Council's continuing efforts to prevent and reduce impaired driving in Wyoming.  Senator Kinskey worked with state stakeholders for more than a year to draft legislation that would address the weaknesses in Wyoming existing Ignition Interlock state statute.  His leadership and continuing efforts to introduce legislation intended to prevent and reduce impaired driving in Wyoming should be acknowledged and commended

The Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving has created a Saving Lives Award program in recognition of the many individuals, businesses and organizations for their exceptional work in encouraging and promoting sustainable programs to prevent impaired driving and impaired driving related injuries and deaths. 

Awards Nomination Committee
The Governor’s Council has established a standing committee from the Governor appointed membership to review the nominations.  The committee will present the nominations which meet the criteria for award or recognition to the Council for final approval. 

Presentation of Awards
Award recipients will be invited to a Governor’s Council function for an awards ceremony where their awards will be presented.

Consideration for nominations for an award could include Innovation, Safe Community efforts, Saving Lives’, Partnerships and Leadership.
Examples could include: lowering the number of alcohol crashes, multi-agency cooperative efforts (law enforcement), media support, etc.

Each nomination shall be submitted by the nominating entity and/or person and signed by the person making the nomination.  The nomination form must be submitted with supporting documentation and appropriate references.

Each nomination may be mailed to GCID, 1036 Durango Drive, Douglas, WY  82633 or emailed to

 Click here to download the Nomination Form for the Governor's Council Saving Lives Award

Saving Lives Awards - Presented in 2017​​

Leadership Award: Presented to Sheriff Mike Lowell and the Sweetwater County Sheriff's Department for becoming the first county in the state of Wyoming to implement the 24/7 Sobriety Program.  This nationally acclaimed program saves lives by reducing incidents of impaired driving by repeat DUI offenders. 

Saving Lives Award:​ Presented to the staff of the Sheridan Port of Entry - Through their diligence and attentiveness, the men and women of the Sheridan Port of Entry interdicted 50 commercial motor vehicle drivers who were impaired during the period of October 1st, 2016 through September 30th, 2017.  They have made the identification of impaired drivers a priority, and through training, experience and determination, have truly made a difference for public safety in the state of Wyoming.

Governor's Council

Saving Lives Awards - Presented in 2014
On September 16, 2014 the Governor's Council presented the Community Award to the Razor City Runners, the City of Gillette and a Committed Group of Community Volunteers for their continuing efforts to save lives.  On September 16, 2001 eight University of Wyoming students lost their lives due to the actions of a drunk driver.   On September 16, 2011, and every year since, the Razor City Runners have hosted a run in memory of the Wyoming 8 and to remind everyone that drunk driving kills.

The Council also presented the Razor City Runners with a $2,500 donation to assist them to continue their efforts in the future.  Pictures of the event in progress are below.  

Saving Lives Award: ​Presented to Shane Swett and Nicole Candeleria, owners of A-1 Recovery and Towing, who have been doing their part to prevent drunk driving on New Year's Eve by providing free rides and free tows in Laramie WY for the past eighteen years.  Every year they organize a team of volunteers who work from 5 p.m. until 3 a.m. on New Year's Eve providing free rides, free tows or sober driver to take vehicle to a safe location.  Their efforts truly save lives and needless injuries in Laramie, Wyoming.

​on Impaired driving

Leadership Award​: Presented to Representative Keith Gingery
Representative Gingery’s tireless efforts to strengthen the effectiveness of Wyoming’s impaired driving laws and his leadership in the Wyoming Legislature in enacting legislation that established the 24/7 Sobriety Program in Wyoming have been instrumental in saving lives and reducing impaired driving in Wyoming.

Leadership Award: Presented to the Shoshone and Arapaho Tribal Transportation Program, Big John Smith & Howard Brown
Through their combined leadership, they have reduced the instances of drinking and driving and increased seat belt usage on reservation roadways.  As true advocates for Traffic Safety on the Wind River Reservation, they are constantly promoting change and saving lives.

Saving Lives Award: Presented to Cody Tipsy Taxi
The “Cody Tipsy Taxi” program was established on July 1, 2011.  This program has been successful in saving lives and needless injuries in Cody by providing fare-free rides to persons who might have otherwise driven while impaired.

Partnerships Award: Presented to the Cheyenne Police Department, Casper Police Department and Laramie Police Department
The Cheyenne, Laramie and Casper police departments established and participated in a joint DUI Task Force in 2013.  These agencies combined resources during special community events to increase driver awareness through High Visibility Enforcement which target impaired drivers and save lives.