​on Impaired driving

Governor's Council


Too many lives continue to be lost in this country, and in our state, as a result of individuals who choose to get behind the wheel of their vehicles while impaired by alcohol or drugs.  The risk to the safety of every citizen and visitor to Wyoming is real.  Identifying and implementing strategies that will effectively reduce the number of impaired drivers in our state requires a dedicated and focused effort.

That is why I have decided to have the Governor's Council on Impaired Driving, which was created by Governor Matt Mead in 2011, continue its efforts to reduce impaired driving in Wyoming as a part of my administration.   The Council has been effective in identifying issues and  implementing strategies to address those concerns since its creation.  Although much has been done, there is much more to do.  The Council provides a forum for discussion, facilitates research  and implements strategies to reduce impaired driving in Wyoming.  The work performed by the Council is  a critical part of our efforts to  enhance public safety.

Wyoming Drivers are Urged to Consider “What Will You Lose?”

As part of ongoing efforts to bring attention to the consequences of impaired driving, the Governor’s Council on Impaired Driving (GCID) has produced a video message, developed in partnership with the Wyoming Department of Corrections. The video can be accessed here:  https://vimeo.com/323210943   Every single day in Wyoming, someone gets behind the wheel, drunk or high, and risks the safety of everyone around them. Some people may not consider the consequences, assuming, “it will never happen to me.”

To draw attention to the consequences of driving impaired in Wyoming, GCID produced this video featuring Joseph Campbell, an inmate housed at the Wyoming Honor Farm in Riverton, speaking about what he’s lost because of his decision to drive while impaired. In 2016, Campbell was involved in an aggravated homicide by motor vehicle, driving while under the influence and causing serious bodily injury. One of the three people he killed was the mother of his two children and the other two victims were his friends.


Welcome to the Governor's Council on Impaired Driving website. This website provides up-to-date statistics of crashes involving impaired drivers in Wyoming, information useful for understanding the issues and public safety concerns involved, and information about the Council's initiatives and activities.  The Council is committed to finding ways to reduce the number of crashes, injuries and deaths caused by impaired drivers in our state.  Please browse through the wealth of information contained in the various pages on this website and contact us if you have information that would be useful to include.